What’s New at DTM? Salesforce.com? We’re so glad you asked!

For starters, DTM now carries a Community Cloud Consultant certification so bring on your customers, users, and the need to get them all in one place! Here is a perfect use case: “I have 50 employees but they all work from different areas. Some are in an office and some are remote workers but all have the need to fill out vacation requests, sick days and I also need a good place to on-board new hires. Also, I have my customers email me when they need a support ticket opened. I hope I don’t get hit by a bus!” DTM can build a cool & clean looking Customer and User Community for you where all of these requests can be done.

Also! Spring’18 release is available under the pre-release program.

Guess what else?!  We’re so glad you asked again!  If you’re not a #Trailblazer yet, what are you waiting for?  There are new Trailhead badges for December, 2017 and we strongly encourage you to check them out.  Race ya to 100!  I’m at 20 today, 12/28/2017.  If you can get to 100 (provided that you are not at 90-99 already) before me, I’ll send you a prize.  Ready?  Go!  Fill out the contact me form and I’ll verify your badge count as soon as you send it and again when you beat me to 100 badges.  Bring it!!

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